A flavor-filled journey, connected to local life

Any journey with gastronomy as its central theme is alway full of surprises. It is not just about the eating, but picking, learning, preparing, and getting to the very heart of the flavors. It is a journey to encounter the very land that produced a particular ingredient. When someone shares an interesting experience via the kitchen or the table, you take something away with you. As a result of that experience at that precise location the world that the traveller sees becomes deeper and richer. That process is gastronomy tourism.

What is “gastronomy”? If you are a foodie interested in restaurant information, or who enjoys browsing food websites or magazines, it is probably a word that frequently appears. It is cuisine that considers the relationship between the area’s culture and food, and the chemistry of how food combines in the pursuit of flavors…..it’s complicated. Organic and fairtrade, the environment where the ingredients were produced as well as its social impact, and other factors all have to be considered. Looking at the dictionary gives, “Gastronomy – food science that also takes into account the culinary style of a particular area.” From the standpoint of people who travel a great deal, something like “the art of food of a particular place and its specific food culture” is a definition I think would resonate when the word gastronomy comes up.

In the slow food movement which hails from Italy a connoisseur of good food is known as a gastronome. According to a book that I read, this meaning describes someone who imagines the culture and circumstances of the ingredients and their history, and thinks about how it affects life. Having read that, it all started to make sense. Is gastronomy not a circulation of knowledge between the climate and ingredients, the producer, the chef, and the consumer? Eating a single mouthful with so many different factors, you tongue is able to discern that this is the real thing. The food that is part of this cycle promises so much more than everyday life. With that said, let’s head out on a journey to find gastronomy.