A Look at the Delicious Sweets of Snow Country

While staying in YUKIGUNI you will have many opportunities to sample delicious and traditional meals, with an emphasis on our premium koshi-hikari rice and tasty local produce, which is sometimes even used to create Michelin-star food (LINK). Once you’ve tasted some delicious sansai, iwana, or kirizai , how about some dessert? This area also has a tradition of amazing sweets that are unique to this region of Japan. It is a far cry from your typical pocky and ramune, and often with much more cultural significance as well. Let’s find out a little more about them.

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Matsunoyama Onsen – A Famous Medicinal Hot Spring Village in Yukiguni

Places in Japan like YUKIGUNI, which have become synonymous for their natural beauty are also known for their quality ryokan: rustic Japanese-style hotels with traditional baths. However, in this same area there also exists whole onsen villages, which are many onsen and hotels in the same area. As some hot springs can be rather remote, onsen villages are good for travelers who prefer a livelier atmosphere. Today we will be discussing one such onsen village: Matsunoyama Onsen in Tokamachi! Let the tour begin!

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Forest therapy

Forest Therapy at Tsunan’s Taruda Mountain Park

In a previous article, we discussed the recognized health benefits of natural therapies like visiting an onsen. These sort of remedies are a far cry from modern Western medicine, but they are still being used today by people in order to maintain their physical and mental health. Likewise, for those who have had their fill of the hot spring and want to experience something new, the YUKIGUNI area is also home to a licensed forest therapy base in the town of Tsunan.

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Snow Country Tourist Information Center

An Introduction to the Snow Country Tourist Information Center

When planning a fun-filled vacation at YUKIGUNI, there’s no reason to go it alone: today, we are introducing the invaluable Tourist Information Center! Located just outside the Echigo-Yuzawa shinkansen station, this is your one-stop shop for all your regional travel needs. It also just so happens that they are very friendly, and are ready and eager to help you!

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