Snow and Journey

A onigiri and landscape

A piece of Japanese gastronomy

To stroll around to different places to eat is fine, but sometimes it is good to concentrate on the dish that is right in front of you. When you find something delicious where you are, spare a thought for the ingredients involved and the person who grew them. Try to get a feel for the way the terroir and the culture are connected. The story that envelops the food will enrich your journey.

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flame-shaped earthenware

Modern people might learn how to face nature from the Jomon people

A culture that has lasted for 10,000 years, unparalleled in world history. Living in harmony with nature. Villages arranged in a circle so that they can see each other, which develops the connections of people. Plenty of time because we are buried in snow in winter. Something that has been left behind in modern times is there. Something fundamental. Jomon asks us “What is richness?”

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Maker of Echigo-jofu certified as a UNESCO cultural heritage

Relation between Kimono fabrics and snow

Scattered across YUKIGUNI are fabric production areas. These fabrics have, since ancient times, had a deep connection with the climate, nature and the life of the people of YUKIGUNI. We visited local people involved in the production of these fabrics.

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Discovering YUKIGUNI

Let’s go to YUKIGUNI

Many people who come to the YUKIGUNI (snow country) for skiing or snowboarding probably only remember places like the ski resort or the train station. And that’s a real shame!

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