Things to Do

snow country trail

From Eco Lodge to Eco Lodge. A Long Trail Journey

This tour will cover a section of the 307km long Snow Country Trail, with stays in environmentally sustainable eco lodges. It is easy even for trekking beginners, as it is not just a walking tour, but also involves travel by e-bikes and local trains.

Cooking Experience in Japanese Modern Luxury Ryokan "ryugon"

Discovering YUKIGUNI Tour

YUKIGUNI is only 70 minutes away from Tokyo, but has a different lifestyle and culture from Tokyo and Kyoto. Here you will find travel ideas that will enrich your life through unique experiences.

MAD Architects Create A Tunnel Of Light in Echigo-tsumari Art field

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Tour

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Field is so vast that it is impossible to visit it all in one day, but we have selected some of our favourites. This is a full day tour with an experienced guide to immerse you in nature and contemporary art.

Japanese Modern Luxury Ryokan "Satoyamajujo"

Inspiration and Comfort TIMELESS YUKIGUNI

We have carefully selected a selection of small luxury inns that offer both a comfortable stay and an authentic cultural experience. All the inns are surrounded by a rich natural environment, with stunning architectural spaces and Onsen (hot springs).