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Cooking Experience in Japanese Modern Luxury Ryokan "ryugon"

Discovering YUKIGUNI Tour

Only 70 minutes from the bustling streets of Tokyo is the northern “YUKIGUNI.” Here the remains of the ancient Jomon Culture live on with a rich tradition of culture, cuisine, and leisure hidden just beneath the glistening snow.

Spring ingredients in YUKIGUNI, Japan

The Gastronomy Of YUKIGUNI Tour

Due to the snowy climate and long winters, the warmer months are used in part to prepare foods for the winter. This results in a unique cuisine that combines preserved ingredients alongside fresh meats and vegetables. The area is also well known for the quality of its sake thanks to the abundant clear water that snow provides as it melts. The cuisine here is designed to warm both the body and the soul.

MAD Architects Create A Tunnel Of Light in Echigo-tsumari Art field

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Tour

One the largest international art festivals in Japan. This event takes place in one of the snowiest regions of Japan, the Echigo-Tsumari area. Here you can enjoy contemplating works of art amid the gently falling snow.

Japanese Modern Luxury Ryokan "ryugon"

Inspiration and Comfort TIMELESS YUKIGUNI

The ryokans selected to represent TIMELESS YUKIGUNI embody the very best of the Japanese hospitality tradition and the highest levels of comfort. Yet each one of them goes further than this, and all have incorporated influences from the history, culture, and way of life of the area. This inspiration is what makes each ryokan unique.