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Tatsumikan has been certified as Sakura Quality, TIMELESS YUKIGUNI and A-Grade Gourmet.

Certification schemes such as “TIMELESS YUKIGUNI” and “YUKIGUNI A-grade Gourmet” are part of the criteria for luxury travel. However, our idea of “luxury” does not mean simply being extravagant or exclusive. It is a unique culture and experience that is true luxury. If you are interested in the uniqueness of our region, you may also like to read this article.

A Hidden Cultural Experience In Japan

A ryokan where you can experience the warmth of the Snow Country hearth

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Message from the accommodation

A peaceful lodge with local gastronomy prepared on our charcoal grill. We are located in Minakami close to Tanigawa mountain and Oze national park and biosphere reserve. In a quiet riverside location with good access.

Half board/13,000 JPY〜20,000 JPY

The reason why TIMELESS YUKIGUNI recommend Tatsumikan.

The ryokans selected to represent TIMELESS YUKIGUNI embody the very best of the Japanese hospitality tradition and the highest levels of comfort. Yet each one of them goes further than this, and all have incorporated influences from the history, culture, and way of life of the area. For those who see travel as an opportunity to broaden their minds and horizons, rather than mere sightseeing, TIMELESS YUKIGUNI ryokans are the perfect choice.
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Tatsumikan stands proudly on the banks of the Tone River in the Kamimoku area of Minakami and is very central to many of the activities in the area. The owner, who is the fourth generation of the family in charge of Tatsumikan, styles his operation on three kinds of warmth taken from different parts of the Japanese character for the word. It is also an auspicious character within Buddhism.

The Warmth of the Onsen

A detailed analysis of the onsen water coming from the spring that feeds Tatsumikan shows that the water is from rain and snowmelt that fell about 17 years ago in the local area. During its slow journey it has picked up minerals and now provides soothing relaxation to visitors. One of the big draws of Tatsumikan for Japanese visitors is the mosaic in the Haniwa baths which is a re-creation of a collage by a famous artist depicting a local scene – Omine Pond and Mount Tanigawa. Kiyoshi Yamashita often created his works from memory and used torn up scraps of paper to depict the scenes. The original work is in the possession of the hotel and the level of detail in the small picture is amazing.


Tatsumikan is a large modern building on the banks of the river though in spite of this appearance it still offers the classic ryokan experience that would be familiar to people of a previous era.

Stretching Out on the Tatami

The roots of the family at Tatsumikan go back to the early twenties, and they still remain true to their traditions of Japanese hospitality. The rooms are floored with tatami mats with futons being laid out each evening. It is a soothing experience to lie on a comfortable futon, with the scent of the tatami in the room, views of Mount Tanigawa out of the window, and the sound of the river flowing past.

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Tatsumikan is certified as A-grade Gourmet.

A-grade gourmet is a food certification system designed to preserve and pass on to future generations a traditional food culture suited to the climate. The certification is based on the proportion of local products used, including agricultural products and seasonings, efforts made in conjunction with agricultural producers, and taste.
If you would like to know more about the concept of A-Grade Gourmet and its contribution to the community, please read the following articles.
YUKIGUNI A-Grade Gourmet To Pass On Japanese Food Culture To The Future

Critique by A-grade gourmets

Overall rating ★★
  • “Irori Kenzan-yaki” (charcoal grill) is full of local mountain produce from Gunma.
  • Appetizers based on local cuisine and sashimi made from river fish are also delicious.
  • Breakfast cooked using the spring water is also a gentle taste.
A speciality of the restaurant is “Irori Kenzan-yaki”.

The inn’s speciality is “Irori kensan-yaki”, where local mountain and river produce is grilled over charcoal. You can choose from a variety of mountain village dishes, but the most popular is the Irori kenzan-yaki, which is grilled in front of you around a sunken hearth table.

Tatsumikan started its hospitality of country cooking by grilling in the sunken hearth from the previous generation. The food is of course locally produced. In fact, even the charcoal is made from oak trees in Katahina Village, Gunma Prefecture.

The charcoal is used to grill Akagi beef, Akagi chicken, river fish, meaty shiitake mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. The end of the meal is a large size grilled rice ball. The rice balls are made from Koshihikari rice grown by a farmer in Minakami, and tasted with a secret miso paste. Even if you think you’re full, it’s delicious and you’ll eat it flippantly.

They don’t use tuna or other fish from the sea for sashimi because they are located in Gunma Prefecture, far from the sea. They use river fish such as “Gin Hikari”, the finest red trout produced in Gunma, “Sakura Koi”, which is raised only with krill and has no muddy smell, and “Kawafugu”, which is raised in a clear stream.

A hearty breakfast is also popular. “Onsen gayu” is rice porridge cooked in the hot spring water of Kamimaki onsen, and “Onsen mushi” is steamed with local vegetables. The rice porridge has a complex taste that you would not expect from a dish seasoned only with kelp and salt. You will also find dishes that make the most of the hot spring, such as boiled beef from Akagi beef thighs. The hot water from the Kamimaki onsen has a very small amount of salt and minerals, which makes the steamed spring water and spring water porridge taste better than those made with fresh water.

To learn more about A-Grade Gourmet (official website in Japanese)

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